Credit Report – How Your Credit Score Influences Your Success & Potential

Do you fully understand the importance and impact of your credit report? Do you realize that a three digit number, called a FICO score, largely determines and influences your financial and personal potential and success in life? Would it surprise you if I told you that a person’s credit report, history, and score often reflect their inner character – making evident whether or not they are ethical, responsible, trustworthy, dependable, hard working, and honest?

From a strictly financial perspective, having a high credit score is absolutely essential. In fact, your credit score is far more important than your GPA, education obtained, jobs and titles held, bank account balances, standardized test scores, and successes displayed on a resume Flashscore. It is this three digit number that significantly determines whether or not you obtain a certain job, qualify for loans and money being lent to you, the interest rates you pay, the house and car you’re able to buy, the insurance premium rates, the ability to start a business, to small things like buying a new phone and obtaining a credit card.

And yet, what people fail to recognize when talking about this all-important three digit number is how it actually reflects not only their character, but how the attributes and actions that determined their credit score will literally dictate every other area and pursuit in life Filmy4Wap. Thus, paying bills on time is not so much about maintaining a high credit score as it is about maintaining integrity and dependability – not only with our creditors, but with everyone and everything we encounter in life. The same honesty, integrity, dependability, and hard work that correlate with a high credit score will most certainly carry over into every other aspect of our lives – and it is these attributes that are at the foundation for not only happiness, but any success in life.

Thus, this simple three digit number actually communicates to the potential employer, lender, or landlord whether or not you are a person of their word and have a character of such quality to do business with them. If not, you will either be denied, or you will literally ‘pay for it.’ Understanding this, do you now realize more fully how absolutely important this credit report and score are not only to your financial success, but to your personal character – which determines every other success in life?

Therefore what? Knowing and understanding this principle is important, but like anything in life – thoughts, dreams, ideas, and even knowledge are useless until we put forth action! Below, I have listed 6 tips to help anyone improve, build, and protect their credit. However, as you read and implement these essential tips, understand that the goal should not only be to improve your credit score, but to also improve your character: