HD Picture in Picture with the Geniatech APC390R

Revel Digital now has native help for the Geniatech APC390R, an Android os based mini PC together with the capability involving accepting HDMI insight for picture-in-picture functionality. This allows intended for seamless integration of the external video resource, such as live TV, directly in your digital signs. Most any HIGH DEF v2. 0 audio/video device is compatible for instance a DVD player, cable/set-top box, satellite television dish, game gaming console, camcorder, security digicam, PC, and so forth

Add any live movie source

The video is dealt with as any other type of content zone within the Revel Digital template artist which allows a person to be since creative when you such as with your content material. A typical use case for this sort of features is framing the particular video with in-text information or marketing.

Geniatech APC390R using HDMI input

The process of adding the HIGH-DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE video to your own digital signage is very simple. Just add industrial embedded pc to any template, choose HDMI as being the suggestions type, then position and size the particular zone as required. Then get innovative by embellishing along with other content like slideshows, marquees, date/time, gadgets, backgrounds, overlays, etc.

Add a good HDMI TV zone to your template

So as to utilize the HDMI input it’s necessary to use a special build of our own Android player APK.